2017 Budget Q&A

Below is a summary of the questions and their answers from the 2017 budget hearings and those submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  If you have additional questions, please feel free to send them to that address.  You will receive a direct answer and it will be posted here.

Question Answer
If we have a line item budget how do we end up spending  more than budgeted? The budget is a plan that starts the year.  All costs are best estimates and sometimes the actual costs are more than planned.  If there is a significant difference then the commission or committee is asked to inform the finance commission before the expenditure is made.
Don’t items charged to “contingency” have to be approved by the vestry? Yes.

(Related to using large donations to pay debts)

What is the church’s past history of use of this windfall money?

The answer depends on whether the gift is designated or not.  All designations are strictly honored. For non-designated gifts, the approach has been to seek a way to honor the gifter and meet the current needs of the church.
Is it possible for the vestry to develop a policy, going forward, to make when dealing with future windfall gifts? The current policy is described in the answer to the previous question.
What happened to the 43K from the Lawson Garden Trust? With support from the Lawson heirs, the Lawson Trust was dissolved and funds moved to the new Garden fund. It is currently designated toward toward the fountain project.
What % of the trust growth over the last 4-5 years was income from investments vs. new gifts. Almost all of the trust growth in the last few years has been from investments.  There was a recent gift to the trust, but that has been the first in many years.
Is there any discussion of using undesignated funds to pay the debt? Yes.  We will find a way to both honor the donor with something meaningful, which could include program funding.
Will you use the entire gift to honor the donor? We will use some of the gift to honor the donor.

How many families are pledging?

There are 12 new families that pledged this past year.
Why did the social media budget request jump from $300 to $3000? We have seen good returns from social media advertising and would like to do much more in 2017 to advertise the church to the local community.
Do we have measurements on our Return on Investments?(ROI) The vestry will take this up after we complete the work as a parish to define our goals and strategic filter.  Both qualitative and quantitative measures will be used.
Where is Reverend Anisa Willis budgeted? Line #96


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