Trinity is currently exploring the possibility of a capital camapign.  Despite what the name may imply capital campaigns are used today to fund all sorts of projects, not just “capital” investments like buildings and grounds.  We started the Inform phase of exploration in Februrary 2019 and expect to complete the Invite phase towards the end of the summer.  Should all of that be successful, we will enter the third phase of the campaign in the Fall of 2019.

A successful capital campaign occurs in three phases: Inform, Inquire, and Invite.


The Information Phase is a process whereby the needs of our Trinity community are identified, people are involved in examining those needs, and the resulting collective vision for our ministry is communicated to all constituencies. In the foundation-laying 

The most important overall question of this phase is to consider: “What is God calling us to do?” 

Information Phase timeline for Trinity Episcopal Church:  January 2019 through April 2019


The Inquiry Phase involves a professionally-facilitated feasibility study that seeks the opinions and priorities of our entire church community, in order to assess our level of support for the proposed projects. A feasibility study has three objectives: 

·      Present our proposed Case 

·      Inquire about opinions and support 

·      Report the findings 

·      Decide whether a campaign is indicated 

This phase formally seeks the opinions of every member of our congregation, confidentially, through a combination of personal interviews, direct mail and/or electronic survey responses to our case statement and a questionnaire, and provides crucial information about the potential success of a capital campaign. 

We will organize the feedback we gather during the inquire phase using our Shared Values.

Inquiry Phase timeline for Trinity Episcopal Church:  May 2019 through July 2019

IMPORTANT NOTE: Trinity will not continue to the final phase of a campaign without the clearly expressed support and desire of the congregation, as indicated in Information Phase work and Inquiry Phase results.


With the crucial information obtained from a thorough Inquiry Study, we have the building blocks for a joyful gifting phase when we will Invite Trinity community members to participate through gifts of time, talent, and treasure to help grow an even stronger spiritual community. 

Potential Invite Phase timeline for Trinity Episcopal Church:   August 2019 through January 2020

Capital Campaign organizes, sets 2020 schedule

The Capital Campaign Committee, headed up by Chris Kelley and Shari Kelly-Burrows, is getting geared up for the campaign next year. So far the following committees have been formed with the assigned chair people:

  • Projects chaired by Brandon Gabbard and Jen Swendiman
  • Planned Giving chaired by Matt Swendiman
  • Finance chaired by Josh Mitchell
  • Communications chaired by Emery Schmidt and Paul Wilson
  • Spiritual Emphasis chaired by Susan Blom and Sylvia Jordan
  • Initial Gifts chaired by John Lucas and Rick Wurth
  • Gratitude and Events chaired by Nancy Grayson and Katie Davidson
  • Congregational Gifts chaired by Robert Edwards and Paula Wolfe
  • Administration chaired by Lauren Adams

The committees are also setting up the calendar for the next few months to formalize plans and actions required by them.

  • December will be recruiting additional committee members and progressing committee work.
  • January will be finalizing the projects to be included with the campaign and recruiting "askers."
  • February is training "askers" and beginning initial gifts meetings.
  • March is the kickoff event for the campaign.
  • April will have"ask" visits for the congregation and campaign pledges begin.
  • May will consist of additional pledging events.
  • June will be a celebration of the successful campaign.

We already have volunteers wishing to work on various committees, which is great. If you have not volunteered yet and if a committee sparks a special interest for you, then contact one of the committee chairs.

Paul Wilson

Trinity Capital Campaign approved

After a lengthy study period, the Vestry of Trinity Church in August approved a capital campaign to commence in 2020. The goal of the campaign is to secure commitments from the Parish and the local community for $750,000 with a payment / collection period of up to five years.

Based on feedback from the parish during the study phase there are four projects included in the campaign:

  • Seeding a Preservation and Maintenance Endowed Fund with at least $500,000. The midterm goal (contemporaneous with the 5 year commitment period) is to grow this to $1 million, which will be done through a planned giving program that will start in parallel with the capital campaign.
  • An Accessibility Project Fund of $100,000. This fund will pay for renovating the tower entrance to allow for regular use of the sanctuary doors on Madison Avenue and the addition of a wheelchair accessible ramp to that entrance. Expanding on the theme of better accessibility, this project also includes an upgrade to our assisted listening system.
  • A Children’s Playground Project Fund of $100,000. This fund will pay for resurfacing the children's playground accessible from the Godly Play room and the kitchen.
  • A Kitchen Improvements Project Fund of $50,000. This fund will pay for improvements to the kitchen, including new air conditioning.

In addition to these four projects, there will also be an option to give a separate gift specifically to reduce the debt. All of these gifts are given with the understanding that we have a long term plan to change the structural economics of the church and that the capital campaign (as well as planned giving) is a key part of that change which will result in Trinity being able to invest in programs and staff in a sustainable way, without accumulating debt. However, as we transition through those changes, the debt will continue to fluctuate as we invest to cover costs.

Any remaining balances from each of the four projects will be added to the Preservation and Maintenance Endowed Fund.

Committees are in place to shape the direction, message and execution of the capital campaign. In the near term, several smaller, easy-win projects are being prioritized so that our congregation can see swift action in response to parishioner dreams to improve our church, outreach and service experience. The public phase of the campaign will begin in March and conclude by June 7, 2020.

Please contact Shari Burrows or Chris Kelley if you have any questions or concerns.

Capital campaign feasibility study report and TED video now available

As we complete the second phase of the capital campaign study, inquire, a summary report of all of the findings from the in person interviews and the survey is now available.

On August 18, 2019 we heard a summary of the interviews and surveys conducted as part of the capital campaign feasibility study process from our campaign consultant, Andi Tillman.  This is a recording that session, including the Q&A at the end of the presentation.

Tentative Case Statement - Now Available

The Tentative Case statement is now available for everyone to review.  The tentative case statement is the summary of everything we heard in the initial phase of the capital campaign feasibility study.  It contains a summary of all of the potential projects, connecting them with the parish and the larger community.  The content of the tentative case statement is the basis of the next phase of the campaign, which are the interviews and survey that start this weekend, so please read and share ask your fellow parishioners if they have read it.


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