Dream Catching - Summary of Input


All of you have been busy Dreaming.  The Dream Catching committee has also been hard at work listening to all of your dreams and capturing them so we can have a better idea of what God is calling us to do.  

The following is a summary of the raw input received across all the different input mechanisms: committees / commissions, groups, suggestions box, conversations with the dream catchers, etc.  These dreams will be a core part of forming our tentative case statement, which we will review at the June 2 TED.



  • new surface for the Children's garden
  • some child friendly landscaping
  • sandbox or area
  • furnishings for the new fountain area
  • Sign designating the Ash Garden as a sacred space
  • Finish the fountain/walkway project
  • rethink the garden area that is now behind the new garden shed
  • redo the children’s garden
  • replace all of the shrubs and bushes on the Madison Street side in front of the church
  • replacing the overgrown bed along sidewalk.
  • Tables and chairs for the water garden
  • North Garden improvements entrance from parking lot
  • Ash Garden sculpture adjustment
  • (2) Ringo garden renovation: resurface, revise plantings more native low maintenance and pollinator plants 
  • Activate Garden spaces (Lunch gatherings; food truck days, Furniture, Bluetooth speakers, Shade; sun sails)
  • (2) Rework all gardens/All gardens revision, emphasis on more native low maintenance and pollinator plants
  • Greenhouse structure over courtyard, with walk out roof patio over nursery & parlor and incorporating a new Chapel
  • (3) labyrinth: indoor/outdor/in octagon area
  • (2) Playground
  • (2) Permanent baptismal font at bottom of stairs/move baptismal font
  • HVAC/AC: replacing, installing and moving units throughout building
  • (3) Clean up, organize sacristy, remove/new refrigerator to show fireplace
  • (3) 2nd floor: Improve restrooms/Complete the room renovations (women’s robing/clergy robing/conference/ Use 2nd floor space for programming
  • Audio/Visual System with internet connection for streaming instructional material
  • mounted large screens in classes, in multi-purpose room
  • 3rd story addition to office/classroom wing
  • (4) solar
  • (2) Retire the debt
  • Better seating in the parlor
(3) New tables and padded chairs in the May Room
  • Library: larger, more accessible, conference tables, lamps, more bookshelves
  • Dedicated adult room
  • (2) Pew cushions
  • (6) Church bus to events and worship/for seniors
  • Debt Retirement
  • Capital Campaign Study Expense
  • Lighting for High Altar window
  • Improved lighting for Ash Garden
  • New water fountain on 2nd floor
  • Additional parking
  • Open up current parlor and nursery to create foyer area
  • New exterior signage
  • Improved accessibility
  • Buy the Schlacter lot
  • Install central cross over altar
  • Administration Wing Stair/Elevator Tower and Renovation
  • Add an enclosed aisle/passage to the tower entrance. This would allow access to tower entrance without passing through the sanctuary. (ex. For a bride)
  • Complete the new women’s robing area
  • Move clergy vesting area
  • (3) Chapel Space in Octagon/Complete the chapel area (after Bell Tower Renovation)
  • More kitchen space
  • (3) stained glass maintenance, clean, repair, restore and protect
  • (2) Marquee on Madison Street/lighted marquee
  • More lighting
  • Exterior painting/ Replace all exterior lighting that hasn’t already been replaced
  • (3) Bell Tower 
  • Madison Ave. entrance reopened according to Andrew Piaskowy’s design and a lovely plaque mounted thanking him all of his dreams for Trinity.
  • Bell Tower Handicapped Entrance Redesign/ Tower entry renovation
  • restoration of upper trim
  • replace stairs
  • make mid-level space usable for something
  • entrance reconfigure
  • Add the remaining bells to the bell tower to complete the set
  • energy efficiency: Audit, geothermal heating, solar, reduction of demand-all LEDs, insulation
  • infiltration
  • Relocate the nursery and demo the space to expand the coffee area and open to renovated courtyard
  • Windows in classroom doors and office door
  • Upgrades to chapel area in sanctuary (octagon)
  • (2) Green roof over Nursery/Parlor
  • Both parking lots need repairs, resurfacing, and stripping
  • Exterior painting
  • Interior painting
  • Carpet replacement
  • Iron fence and railing repair
  • Brick repair and tuckpointing
  • Roof repairs
  • HVAC repairs and upgrades
  • Lighting upgrades in sanctuary and throughout the building
  • Office equipment and furniture upgrades
  • Refinish floors in May Room and sanctuary
  • Adding more HVAC equipment to the Computer Control System
  • Bell tower bell lighting
  • Shelves in music room
  • Transept glass door etching
  • make the front door the actual front entrance of the church
  • New sound system throughout the church
  • (2) Coffee bar
  • (2) Re-arrange the office to be more user friendly/office renovation
  • Recondition the pews
  • Men’s restroom revamp
  • Security outside of the church
  • A central parking lot
  • A welcome center
  • Outdoor park with play area for children, outdoor concert area, games
  • Domain – Maintain, preserve, etc. the Trinity cabin


  • Annual Operating Budgets funded by parishioner pledges and gifts (so Book of Remembrance Trust income to be used for special projects)
  • transportation fund supporting shut-in or uncomfortable night driving use of Uber
  • New assisted hearing devices 
  • audio acoustic expert to improve the sound system
  • laptop projector
  • dedicated table for 12 with plug ins for laptops/cell phones
  • Purchase enough cassocks so every verger can have his/her own.
  • Have more chimeres made so every verger can have his/her own
  • Buy/build off-site storage facility (rummage, NKY floats, and other large items)
  • Outreach Budget


  • (2) Staffing to support senior ministry (programming, pastoral care, etc.)
  • Increase funding for sexton Hire a parking guard 24/7
  • Staffing for community ministry including LGBTQ outreach
  • Paid driver for church bus/van
  • Parking lot guard for all events
  • Transept entry door guard for events
  • Paid part time or full-time building manager
  • Cleaning service
  • Staff position to provide assistance or information to people
  • regularly scheduled Commercial cleaning of entire church, particularly May Room and kitchen
  • Full time communications person
  • Part-time tech support on-call
  • Invest more into John and his future replacement
  • Someone to raise money, a part-time development and communications member.
  • Hire a Missioner for Evangelism


  • (5) Preservation and Maintenance Endowment/Maintenance Fund
  • Staffing Endowment (Assistant to the Rector and/or Christian Formation Director)
  • Scholarship fund
  • Outreach Endowment
  • Friends of Trinity Matching Fund
  • Camp Scholarship Endowment
  • International Mission Trip Endowment
  • Bus/Van Fund and Endowment (purchase and upkeep)
  • Endow Hunt trust for windows and tower
  • Funding to attend Verger conference
  • Funding for Verger guild membership. Possibly a whole church membership instead of individual is cheaper.
  • Funding for new verger materials, vestments
  • Outreach endowment funding
  • Funding for LGBTQ events 2-3 times a year, esp. for NKY Pride
  • Return of the Mary Fund for funerals


  • (2) Professional clean window over altar and St Michael window/stained glass
  • Better use of room opposite sacristy
  • prayer corner in the back of the church
  • Visible building schedule for information, scheduling and awareness
  • (2) new website and a new content management software
  • supply of good quality basic garden tools; ditto the children’s garden
  • installation of security bars in all women's restroom stalls, replace and secure toilet seats.
  • Recognize Trinity choir and brass annually; perhaps a very special dinner
  • Mirrors on a wall for dance/martial arts programs
  • T-shirts for martial arts class attendees
  • Get programs and classes on the Covington Recreation Website
  • More frequent availability of anointing during communion (at the rail perhaps)
  • Rain Barrels
  • Communications center where the coffee service is now
  • Safe space stickers in prominent places on the outside of the building or rainbow flags
  • four new, working dry erase boards
  • electronic choice of volunteering opportunities
  • Shelving and music stand rack in sanctuary closet
  • video monitor for organ so organist can see what’s happening
  • Add insignias to chimeres. Either patches or embroidered.
  • Larger cruet or smaller Lenten challises. The current Lenten challises are so wide that you must use lots of wine to bring level high enough.
  • Install a smoke eater under the altar table to keep incense away from choir etc.
  • more frequent follow-up and notes to visitors
  • Technology to aid in breaking language barriers
  • Clean the nativity picture in the octagon


Current Programs

  • Healing Ministries Annual retreat
  • Benedictine Group annual retreat
  • Occasional music at the 8am service
  • Education about what a Healing Ministry means for congregation
  • LGBTQ coffee house (in EYC room)
  • Use Sanctus Bells on feast days or more frequently.
  • Have acolytes wear white gloves
  • Nurture: our own tent, name tags cabinet, make table look better
  • Create/Support expansion of food bag program
  • Host Parent Cafes – facility & facilitators, food & childcare
  • Expand Reading Camp beyond a summer week, more continuous program for all ages
  • Follow-up with parishioners past, present who no longer or don’t regularly attend/reconnect or re-engage
  • Expand Outreach communication: stories behind ministries, Informal Outreach Newsletter, Personal Stories, Upcoming opportunities
  • Communications: Work closely with other commissions & committees/ Content creation/YouTube, Facebook, etc./Reach out to local media
  • (2) Periodic joint 8a/10a gathering - programmatic, annual
  • Weekly prayer meetings

Future Program Ideas

  • Coffeehouse for homeless youth
  • (6) school pre-school, first grade, maybe Montessori/ Episcopal pre-school, day care
  • School, in education Wing
  • Senior Center in Education Wing
  • (5) Episcopal Retirement Community in Covington
  • (2) Establish Food co-op
  • Care and Share Group - Support those with serious/chronic health issues (include prayer and anointing regularly)
  • (2) Grief support group/classes
  • Support for Caregivers (not sure how that would look)
  • (2) Senior programming/Gathering older people (social and cultural events, excursions)
  • Jail Ministry
  • Joint worship 4 NKY churches on Sunday morning 1-2 times a year
  • Outreach to college students living in Covington and NKY
  • Evangelism activities
  • Start a handbell choir
  • Fine arts program including art, music, dance and our own professional liturgical dance company
  • More support for parishioner engagement
  • In-reach Ministries to/for parishioners


  • host another refugee family.
  • Covington Renaissance Board-sponsored farmers market: permanent home that they own and maybe open during the week, provide those non local products to provide a more complete shopping experience
  • Trinity Seniors group to focus on grief/sadness/health/continued support with speaker stipend
  • team to discuss end of life arrangements; Ash Garden use/history/future, Episcopal rules for funeral services information shared by clergy
  • work with Episcopal Retirement Communities to establish a community in downtown Covington (possibly on the quarter block that houses PNC Bank across from the church) Possible Book of Remembrance investment in the project
  • Youth Music Program - especially choral
  • Youth Program for Kids in our Neighborhood
  • Trinity offer something for the youth in our community
  • Use facility as a resource in our community
  • after-school arts and reading program
  • Needs in our neighborhood (e.g., after school tutoring)
  • A city ministry – afterschool program
  • Ministries to other groups within the community (e.g., Hispanic)
  • Become a Family Promise hosting site for families
  • Public Advocacy for important social issues
  • Establish a drop-in center for LGBTQ youth
  • (2) Partner with a local African American church and/or Hispanic or other church for a picnic or event where people come together for a social activity/ Partner with an African American church to exchange visits (host them on Soup Sunday to allow for interaction between our members)
  • Community group use of facility (Development of IRS property)
  • Direct invite/engage/welcome Covington residents
  • Collaborative projects with St. Mary’s in Middlesboro and/or Covington areas
  • (2) Partner with Emergency Shelter, Expand Services, New Facility/ Trinity can support efforts to relocate the Emergency Shelter downtown.
  • Make clean water available for anyone
  • Christmas and/or Back to School for reduced pricing to shop, open to the community
  • Lecture Series hosted at Trinity on a variety of topics and speakers
  • Trinity safe house for poor and homeless.
  • Approach Kim Webb and her board about ways Trinity can support efforts to relocate the Emergency Shelter downtown.
  • Expand our teaching of practical skills to the wider community. For example, the Covington library has a Tool Library but many people may lack skills to use them. A parishioner could teach safe ways of handling them, care for the tools, etc. Sewing classes at Lincoln Grant could be taught at the library (or at Trinity), as could knitting, crocheting.
  • Host an annual Christmas Shop for residents of Welcome House, the Emergency Shelter, Family Promise, and families recommended by local schools where they can shop for low-cost items—new toys, clothing, school supplies, personal care items, etc. Items donated but shoppers would pay minimal amounts per item.
  • Host Parent Café (via Family Nurturing Center, for example) using EYC room, kitchen, Godly Play room and nursery.
  • Host a Neighborhood Party. Send invitations to residents of Grant Scholar House, the Emergency Shelter, the condos and apartments in downtown Covington. Recruit businesses and non-profits to contribute and participate. (Possible themes: celebrating our courtyard, Little Library, our 176th anniversary.)
  • Exchange visits with our sister parish, St Mary’s, annually, go to a Red’s Game (Parishioners open homes for overnight guests or we could reserve a local airbnb home.)
  • We also could jointly host a picnic at the park where the African American families have an annual celebration – (The name is???)
  • (2) Celebrate the Eucharist outdoors, maybe in the fountain area. (Advertise on social media, flyers, etc. Welcome the community.)
  • Work with the Life Learning Center to help recovering alcoholics and addicts and with Trinity as connected community members provide mentoring, business start-up funds, assistance with housing, etc.
  • End homelessness in Northern Kentucky, by addressing the root causes and the gaps that actually exist.
  • Expanding on programs like FreshLo, improve our space and provide opportunities for our struggling community members to grow their skills-co-working spaces?  Small business grants and mentoring? 
  • Partnering with Gateway to support recent graduates who choose to stay local
  • Hosting community forums, facilitating challenging discussions, like Onbeing's Civil Conversations Project
  • hosting community engagement events like the Moth Radio Hour with a local twist
  • Big banners on the highly visible corner 


  • Equal resources and emphasis for mature members as for young families
  • Proportionate use of Outreach funds in all counties parishioners live
  • Written procedure for sexton responsibilities when events are scheduled; who manages performance
  • Adults with children should be accountable for them at all times, not unsupervised and roaming through the building
  • Push for early education


Evangelism Committee Dreamcatcher Meeting

Ministry of the Group

  • Encourage, empower parishioners to spread the Gospel
  • Be present in the community
  • Raise awareness of Trinity Church

Evangelism Materials

  • New set of table wraps
  • Better swag
  • Professional promotional material

New Design Work for Trinity Church

  • Professional design including logo
  • Help create identity for Trinity in the community

From the Kitchen Bunch:

Our ideas for ministry are:

  • To teach classes on cooking to our youth and others outside of Trinity – we need to have the next generation ready to take over Soup Sunday, VBS ….
  • Possibly have someone from Cincinnati State Culinary school come and give some classes

Our dreams for the kitchen are:

  • Fix or replace the A/C unit
  • Screens on windows over the sink and the back door
  • Bigger Ice machine
  • Move the freezer upstairs
  • Raised bed for fresh herbs outside under the window in the kitchen
  • Pot rack above the wash sink
  • New Pots
  • Replace cabinets
  • Garbage disposal
  • Industrial can opener
  • Expand the pantry to double the size
  • Better rodent control – fewer Church mice – all are welcome just not in the pantry
  • 2 actual recycle bins that only cans and/or bottles can be disposed of
  • Fire suppression system over the stove
  • Stand mixer
  • Move the media stuff out of the May room closet so that the kitchen can utilize that area
  • Good knife sharpener

Trinity Choir and Midday Musical Menu

  • Party Bus
  • Choir Folders
  • Choir Librarian
  • New piano for choir room of high quality
  • Handbells
  • Harpsichord
  • Raise the back two rows of the choir seating in the church
  • Cushions for choir pews
  • Choir loft (choir seating) next to the organ
  • Permanent risers for the choir in the choir room
  • Section leaders
  • Children’s Choir (with director) (with neighborhood involvement)
  • Recital Endowment
  • Choir swaps for a weekend (visiting other churches)
  • Residency at an English Cathedral or a weekend at Washington National Cathedral
  • Renaissance Instruments used on a Sunday
  • Recruiting plan
  • Use of Latin-American Music and Hymns
  • Divide the choir year into three parts, where people can choose to sing any or all of the three


  • New linens (enough to go 2 months without cleaning)
  • Contract with a linen service to clean, fold and pick-up and deliver linens when they need to be cleaned for consistency and to increase the life through proper care.
  • Re-vent the Sacristy so it is properly heated/cooled all year round
  • purchase a new Pacina
  • 2 New Eucharistic Visitor kits
  • Proper sized covers for all silver settings
  • All new Communion pieces
  • Paid silver/brass polishing service
  • Repair or replace the storage drawer unit so they open more easily
  • All new storage area with designated areas for everything essential to a good Alter Guild
  • Purchase new something that is more lasting for the candle/oil lamp by the Umbra


Big Dreams

  • Montessori school (possible addition to the church to accommodate)
  • Church van 
  • Televisions and/or laptops in each classroom so that teachers can use multi media 
  • Expand Family Ministry position to full time / guarantee funding for position thru endowment
  • Enclose children’s garden so it’s useable all year/add small basketball court
  • Godly Play: new paint/carpet/shelves
  • New Godly Play materials
  • Add windows to classroom doors
  • Butler’s pantry/small kitchen upstairs
  • Expand May room/large gathering space
  • New paint/new carpet in all classrooms—make more kid friendly (less institutional)
  • New kid friendly furniture/tables/work space

Immediate Dreams

  • Mount tv in TKW room
  • Replenish craft supplies
  • Keypad door knob in craft room so teachers have access
  • Storage for snacks/plates/cups
  • Storage for craft supplies in classrooms

Ideas for the Youth Program

  • EYC Room
    • New kitchenette for the EYC Room
      • Dishwasher
      • Oven
      • Coffee-maker
      • New stools for the coffee bar
    • New climate control system (our windows were taken out during the fountain renovation)
    • New stage and lighting for the EYC room
    • New murals or other art for the youth room
    • New café tables and chair
    • Scoreboard for the 4-Square Court
    • Emulator or other new video game systems
  • Youth Program
    • Major pilgrimage, possible oversees 
    • EYC trip to the Cathedral Domain
    • Produce spirit-wear for the EYC and the church
    • EYC Ski Trip 
    • College Prep
      • Study groups and classes
      • More outreach opportunities  
      • Group college visits
    • Develop a Music Program
      • Lessons
      • Create a band
      • Have shows in youth room

Ideas for the Church

  • Use facilities as community Wellness Center
    • Anxiety relief
    • Yoga
    • Centering prayer 
    • Art therapy 
    • Nutrition counseling 
    • Partner with Stephen ministry / have counseling available 
  • Small business incubator
    • Use building and resources to help new business get started
  • Host community environmental education programs
  • Open a black box theatre similar to the Know Theatre 
  • Church bus or van that can take youth to camp, mission trips, etc. 
  • Maintain a year-round garden
    • Greenhouse
    • Rooftop garden 
  • New playground 
  • Solar panels and other “green” technologies
  • Churchwide, intergeneration mission trip or pilgrimage


  • Cathedral Domain 
    • New mattresses 
    • Complete Trinity cabin rehab 






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