Interview with Rebekah Gensler

Rebekah Gensler Butler and her family have been members of Trinity since 2014. She currently serves as president of the board for Renaissance Covington and DevouGood Project, a group that partners with local nonprofits to assess the unique needs of communities within Greater Cincinnati and to facilitate projects which target the identified needs. I sat down with Rebekah to get her perspective on how Trinity affects the local community, and vice versa. 


  1. How do you see Trinity currently impacting our local community? 

Trinity's biggest impacts happen through its value of inclusivity. Trinity is a welcoming place for anyone in the broader community and the members of Trinity work hard to live its values. From hosting Narcotics Anonymous groups and Recovery Yoga to participating in the NKY Pride Parade, Trinity has become a voice preaching love and compassion at a time when so many other local religious voices preach something else. Trinity not only says “love your neighbor”, they do it without judgement.  

  1. How does the community impact Trinity, and how can that inform us during our capital campaign study process?  

Trinity strives to listen to the community and respond to needs as they arise. Trinity works to meet the broader urban community where it is and works to listen to what is needed, rather than to assume or dictate what is needed. By working alongside agencies that already do the good work of providing services to the marginalized Trinity helps those groups succeed rather than duplicating services or diverting resources that could be combined. That is a rare and invaluable asset for us all. 

  1. Where do you see opportunities for Trinity to spread God’s love outside of our church doors in the coming years? 

I think that as the populations of Covington change and grow in their diversity, Trinity is well-placed to welcome all to its doors. As a community, we can always work to reach out to new organizations and create new partnerships that help us live our values. Being aware of who our neighbors are and what their needs are is essential in living out our core values of being inclusive and diverse. 





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