Trinity’s Capital Campaign Study and the Dreamcatching Process

How did we get here?

We interviewed our Senior Warden, Chris Kelley, to provide us with a brief history and a personal God moment that he had along the way:


Q:  Trinity recently went through a process that created a strategic filter for our congregation to use in our many facets of parish life.  How do you see this strategic filter and our core values informing the capital campaign study in the coming months?

Chris:  The work we did together as a parish last year to formally discern and document our core values and shared strategies provides a few key foundations that will help us study the feasibility of a capital campaign.  The process of discernment helped strengthen relationships between parishioners, a strength we can draw as we have the deeply personal conversations about our hopes and dreams for Trinity during the dream catching phase.  As we move from dream catching into developing a focused plan, the fact that we documented our values provides us with a clear light to illuminate the projects that are most in line with who we are and who we want to be, collectively as a parish.  Making prioritization decisions can be hard, but its nearly impossible without a clear set of values.  The work we did last year will guide us to the projects that will most help us live in to our potential.

Q:   Did you have a “God moment” during the strategic filter process that you would share here?

Chris:  The God moment that I can share was the first vestry meeting we used the core values and strategic filter to make an important decision (something that has happened many times since!).  The vestry members were deadlocked, but we were each arguing from our own point of view.  By evaluating the options by asking which supports the core values more / which supports more of the core values, the right decision became very clear.  While I always try advocate for the good of the parish overall, this use of the core values to make a decision made me feel like I could really understand the collective will and act in accordance with it.

What exactly is “Dreamcatching”?

As part of the Informational Phase of our potential capital campaign at Trinity, we are beginning our journey with a “Dreamcatcher Process”.  This process allows for people to simply “dream” about the future of Trinity, and importantly, to have their dreams heard.  The Dreamcatcher Committee is a small group of Trinity parishioners who will be collecting Trinity member’s and community member’s dreams through several guiding questions; the answers (or dreams) will be captured and recorded by March 30th.  The Dreamcatcher Committee will then distill and categorize the raw dreams into a summary report in April that will be shared with the Vestry, ministry group leaders, and committees —and the congregation.  This report will inform the Capital Campaign Study Steering Committee moving forward as we consider what projects might be appropriate for a capital campaign.

What does this mean for me?

EVERY VOICE MATTERS. You will hear of various opportunities to provide your dreams in the coming weeks, and we invite you to share all of your dreams, no matter how big or small.  Stay tuned for information on how you can shape the future of Trinity with your dreams!



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