Vestry Minutes

Vestry Minutes from March 5, 2018

Trinity Episcopal Church
Vestry Retreat Minutes
March 5, 2018
Vestry Members Present:
  • Christi Bailey, Brandon Gabbard, Shannon Gemeinhardt, Barb Hollar, Debra Taylor, Tony Powell, Lisa Edwards, Thomas Workman
Vestry Members Absent:
  • Katie Davidson, Matt Swendiman, Nancy Grayson, Chris Kelley
  • Clergy Present:
  • Rev. Justin Gabbard, Rev. Peter D’Angio
Clergy Absent:
Opening Prayer:
  • Rev. Peter D’Angio
Call to Order:
  • Peter D’Angio
Sharing by Vestry Members:
Culture of Courtesy Covenant:
  • Culture of Courtesy Covenant distributed and read as a group
Adoption of Minutes from February 
  • Motion: Tony Powell
    • Correction noted – Debra was absent.  
    • Motion carried with noted correction
Old Business:
  • Roof Repair update
    • Original estimate $25,000
    • Additional repairs needed when box gutters were found to be damaged
    • In the amount of $9,000
    • Motion by Brandon Gabbard:
      • Move to move forward with repairs including the additional expense of box gutters. 
      • Discussion: per previous discussion of planned maintenance items, cost of repairs to be covered in the short term through the use of the line of credit.
      • 2nd Shannon
      • Motion Carries
New Business:
  • Presentation by Tony Milburn on the Book of Remembrance
    • Handout on BOR performance and asset allocation
    • Discussion on possibility of joining the consortium of endowed Episcopal parishes was discussed – tabled to April
  • Feedback from Parish – politics from the pulpit
    • Lisa Edwards spoke about concerns from some members of the parish about political content in sermons
    • Discussion on this topic and planning for parishioner input protocol as a future agenda item
Commission Reports:
  • Rector’s report (Rev. Peter D’Angio)
  • Nurture Report (Lisa Edwards)


  • Moved: Rev. Peter D’Angio
  • Motion carried
Next Meeting:
  • April 9th @ 6:30pm – Trinity Church
Respectfully submitted,
Katie Davidson via Brandon Gabbard in my absence
Clerk of the Vestry


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