Vestry Minutes

Vestry Minutes from May 14, 2018

Trinity Episcopal Church
Vestry Minutes
May 14, 2018
Vestry Members Present:
  • Katie Davidson, Christi Bailey, Barb Hollar, Matt Swendiman, Chris Kelley, Shannon Gemeinhardt, Brandon Gabbard, Debra Taylor, Lisa Edwards, Nancy Grayson
Vestry Members Absent:
  • Tony Powell, Thomas Workman
Clergy Present:
  • Rev. Justin Gabbard, Rev. Peter D’Angio
Clergy Absent:
Opening Prayer:
  • Rev. Peter D’Angio
Call to Order:
  • Rev. Peter D’Angio
Sharing by Vestry Members:
Culture of Courtesy Covenant:
  • Culture of Courtesy Covenant distributed and read as a group
Adoption of Minutes from April
  • Motion: Shannon Gemeinhardt
  • Motion carried 
Adoption of Consent Agenda 
  • Motion: Rev. Peter D’Angio
  • Motion carried 
Old Business:
  • Update on topics from Vestry Retreat
    • Dashboard, core values and strategic filter (Chris)
      • Chris handed out a copy of the tentative dashboard with proposed items from the Vestry Retreat
      • Useful to hold ourselves accountable and to recognize and evaluate new projects brought to the Vestry
      • Also, to spark action and create communication around categories and values
      • Questions on how the Vestry would report this to the Parish
      • Suggestion to test Evangelism/Growth for the next meeting and review
    • New Approach to Finance (Nancy)
      • Recapped that the Strategic Filter is important for the Vestry to align finances with the filter
      • Also, the concept of changing the conception of debt as an investment
  • Focusing on projects and investments that have a high return on investment, and capturing 
    • An option to consider an additional foundation to fund growth and key positions
    • Diversifying income is an opportunity the Vestry is looking at, and Brandon Gabbard suggested that we form a committee to find different ways to increase income
      • This idea also ties into a possible capital campaign
      • Peter is going to talk to the Chair of Finance (Matt Swendiman) to put together a committee to begin these conversations
New Business:
  • Finance Report – Gary Gabbard
    • >$57,000 ahead – we think this is because of the tax bill and that numerous pledgers have pre-paid the year in whole
    • BOR is behind at the moment, but anticipation that it will catch up by EOY
    • US Bank Loan is $70,000 – there was a repayment of $80,000
  • Katie Davidson – discussed the success of Sprouts and Stouts 
    • Rough estimate of >3,000 people in attendance over 2 days
    • Discussed recap meeting to figure out how to grow even more fore 2019
  • Diocesan Discernment (Peter)
    • Bishop is putting together a Discernment Committee for the Diocese 
      • We, at Trinity, need to be large participants for this effort
  • Reminder of Lunch with the Bishop on May 20th after service
  • Staffing Shift – Director of Formation will move to a Director of Family Ministries
    • 28 hours a week 
    • Parish Administrator will also be upped to 32 hours a week to cover various communications activities
    • Jason’s last Sunday will be June 24th – he is ordained @ Christ Church Cathedral on June 9th 
  • Brief reminder on the basics of a capital campaign (Peter)
  • Peter wanted to reiterate that we are doing a Capital Campaign in 2019
    • A feasibility study will be completed to identify needs and opportunities as it relates to the Parish participating in a Capital Campaign
    • Option to have Strategic Filter Consultant, Andi Tillman speak to the Vestry at the next meeting about timeline and outlining the way a Capital Campaign will work
      • Chris Kelley is creating a working document to create questions for Andi before she speaks in June
  • Barb Hollar mentioned Vacation Bible School and asked for volunteers for acting in the evenings
    • June 24-28th
Commission Reports:
  • Rector’s report (Rev. Peter D’Angio)
  • Outreach (Robb Dorward)
  • Assistant Rector’s Report (Rev. Justin Gabbard)
  • Moved: Rev. Peter D’Angio
  • Motion carried
Next Meeting:
  • June 11th @ 5:30pm – Trinity Church – 1 hour early for training
Respectfully submitted,
Katie Davidson 
Clerk of the Vestry


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