Vestry Minutes

Vestry Minutes from April 8, 2019

Trinity Episcopal Church

Vestry Minutes

April 8, 2019


Vestry Members Present:

  • Dennis Blom, Christi Bailey, John Cox, Lisa Edwards, Katie Davidson, Brandon Gabbard, Chris Kelley, Gina Russ, Matt Swendiman, Paula Wolfe

Vestry Members Absent:

  • Nancy Grayson, Josh Mitchell

Clergy Present:

  • Rev. Peter D’Angio, Rev. Justin Gabbard

Opening Prayer:

  • Rev. Peter D’Angio

Call to Order:

  • Rev. Peter D’Angio

Sharing by Vestry Members:

Culture of Courtesy Covenant:

  • Culture of Courtesy Covenant distributed and read as a group

Adoption of Consent Agenda:

  • Rector’s report (Rev. Peter D’Angio) 
  • Outreach (Gina Russ)
  • Nurture and Parish Growth (Lisa Edwards/Paula Wolfe)
  • Communications (Dennis Blom) 
  • Moved: Chris Kelley
  • Motion carried

Adoption of March 2019 Minutes:

  • Moved: Chris Kelley
  • Motion carried

Hearing from Parish:

  • Episcopal and American flags – Chris Kelley
    • Chris Kelley reported a parishioner concern about the American and Episcopal Flags not being present in the sanctuary
    • Discussion:
    • Rev. Peter D’Angio directed the physical resources commission to bring the flags out of the tower entrance and locate them in the rear of the nave near the war memorials

Old Business:

  • Capital campaign study steering committee – Chris Kelley
    • Calendar set:
      • April 28 TED - Dream catching report and discussion
      • May 19 TED – Finance 101 led by Matt Swendiman
      • June 2 TED – Tentative case statement from steering committee and Andi Tillman
      • All three meetings will be recorded and put on web for those who are unable to attend
      • June 20-24 Andi Tillman does face-to-face interviews
    • All vestry members should function as leadership ambassadors
    • Discussion:

New Business:

  • Line of credit – Chris Kelley
    • Expected line of credit draw was made based on parameters set by vestry 
    • Draw was $50,000.00
    • Current total credit used is $163,373
  • Covington Development Involvement – Rev. Peter D’Angio
    • Consulting firm led a design charrette event at Trinity on March 28,2019, about the future development of the IRS site
    • A civic dinner was hosted at Trinity by Rev. Peter D’Angio on April 5, 2019
    • Discussion:
  • Evangelism at Sprouts and Stouts – Rev. Justin Gabbard
    • Evangelism committee will have a table at Sprouts and Stouts
    • Rev. Justin will circulate a signup sheet on the shared drive for table volunteers
    • Vestry members encouraged to participate
    • Discussion:
  • Sabbatical grant application – Rev. Peter D’Angio
    • Discussion:
    • Motion: “Move that we approve the grant proposal as submitted.”
    • Moved: Chris Kelley
    • Discussion:
    • Motion carried
    • Motion: “Move that the vestry approve that Rev. Peter D’Angio take a sabbatical during the 2020-2021 timeframe.”
    • Moved: Chris Kelley
    • Discussion:
    • Motion to table
    • Moved: Chris Kelley
    • Motion to table carried
    • Motion: “Move that the vestry approve that Matt Swendiman sign the grant proposal in Josh Mitchell’s absence as laid out in the attached documents.”
    • Moved: Chris Kelley
    • Discussion:
    • Motion carried

Commission Reports:

  • Rector’s report (Rev. Peter D’Angio) – consent agenda
  • Associate Rector’s report (Rev. Justin Gabbard) – no report
  • Deacon’s report (Deacon Joe O’Brochta) – no report
  • Outreach (Gina Russ) – consent agenda
  • Family Ministry – (Shannon Gemeinhardt/Nancy Grayson) – no report
  • Nurture and Parish Growth (Lisa Edwards/Paula Wolfe) – consent agenda
  • Financial Resources (Matt Swendiman/Josh Mitchell) – no report
  • Physical Resources (Brandon Gabbard) – no report
  • Communications (Dennis Blom) – consent agenda
  • Senior Warden (Chris Kelley) - no report
  • Junior Warden (Katie Davidson) - no report
  • ECW (Katie Davidson) - no report


  • Moved: Rev. Peter D’Angio
  • Motion carried

Next Meeting:

  • May 13, 2019, at 6:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Brandon Gabbard

Clerk of the Vestry


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