Vestry Minutes

Vestry Minutes from June 10, 2019

Trinity Episcopal Church

Vestry Minutes

June 10, 2019

Vestry Members Present:

  • Dennis Blom, Christi Bailey, Lisa Edwards, Katie Davidson, Brandon Gabbard, Nancy Grayson, Chris Kelley (via phone), Josh Mitchell, Gina Russ, Paula Wolfe

Vestry Members Absent:

  • John Cox, Matt Swendiman

Clergy Present:

  • Rev. Peter D’Angio

Clergy Absent:

  • Rev. Justin Gabbard


  • None

Call to Order:

  • Rev. Peter D’Angio

Sharing by Vestry Members:

Culture of Courtesy Covenant:

  • Culture of Courtesy Covenant distributed and read as a group

Adoption of Consent Agenda:

  • Rector’s report (Rev. Peter D’Angio)
  • Family Ministry – (Shannon Gemeinhardt/Nancy Grayson)
  • Nurture and Parish Growth (Lisa Edwards/Paula Wolfe)
  • Communications (Dennis Blom)
  • Moved: Chris Kelley
  • Motion carried

Adoption of May 2019 Minutes:

  • Moved: Chris Kelley
  • Motion carried

Hearing from Parish:

  • Christi Bailey
    • Christi Bailey shared a letter describing her medical issues with the use of incense during services and at NKY Pride
    • Discussion:
    • Action of this issue was tabled

Old Business:

  • Business Improvement District – Rev. Peter D’Angio
    • Rev. Peter requested an email vote on signing the BID proposal
    • Discussion:
    • Motion Carried
  • Sprouts and Stouts – Katie Davidson
    • Katie gave a report on the event
    • The executive committee has decided to make the events focus community engagement rather than fundraising 
    • Discussion:
  • Capital Campaign – Chris Kelley
    • Tentative case statement work continues
    • Interviews and survey to come June 21-24
    • Formal case statement to follow
    • Andi Tillman will preach on June 23
    • Discussion:
  • Coffee Station/Communication Center – Brandon Gabbard
    • Main installation completer
    • Lighting and other finish work to come soon
    • Thank Lucas family for donations in remembrance of Bonnie Lucas
    • Anonymous donor paid the balance of the project
    • Discussion:

New Business:

  • Fall Planning Update – Rev. Peter D’Angio
    • Commissions liaisons should begin:
      • Requesting 2020 budget requests
      • See that budgets are tied to core values
      • Submit calendar items
    • Discussion:
  • Vestry social – Katie Davidson
    • No July vestry meeting
    • Social event on Monday, July 15 at the Globe at 6:30 p.m.
    • Spouses welcome
  • Vestry Elections – Chris Kelley
    • Starting process earlier
    • Chris will reach out to outgoing members
    • Everyone should start thinking about potential nominees
    • Discussion:
  • Summer Formation Volunteers – Nancy Grayson
    • Summer volunteers needed to give regular group a rest for the summer
    • Discussion:
  • Income Diversification – Josh Mitchell
    • Josh presented an overview of the financial system
    • Josh presented a diversification plan
      • Friends of Trinity
        • Rev. Peter will lead
        • Time to start?
        • Benefit to community
      • Grants
      • Planned giving
      • Evangelism
      • Trinity will attend Consortium of Endowed Episcopal Parishes in 2020 for no charge
    • Discussion:
  • NKY Pride – Rev. Peter D’Angio
    • Thank you to all who marched and worked
    • Trinity won the best float award
    • Event was a big success
    • Discussion:
  • Diocesan Convention Delegate Election Bylaw Change – Rev. Peter D’Angio
    • Convention to move to November
    • Do we need to change when we elect delegates?
    • Discussion:
    • Consensus is to leave as is

Commission Reports:

  • Rector’s report (Rev. Peter D’Angio) – consent agenda
  • Associate Rector’s report (Rev. Justin Gabbard) – no report
  • Deacon’s report (Deacon Joe O’Brochta) – no report
  • Outreach (Gina Russ) – no report
  • Family Ministry – (Shannon Gemeinhardt/Nancy Grayson) – consent agenda
  • Nurture and Parish Growth (Lisa Edwards/Paula Wolfe) – consent agenda
  • Financial Resources (Matt Swendiman/Josh Mitchell) – no report
  • Physical Resources (Brandon Gabbard) – no report
  • Communications (Dennis Blom) – consent agenda
  • Senior Warden (Chris Kelley) - no report
  • Junior Warden (Katie Davidson) - no report
  • ECW (Katie Davidson) - no report
  • Evangelism – no report
  • Capital Campaign (Chris Kelley) – no report


  • Moved: Rev. Peter D’Angio
  • Motion carried

Next Meeting:

  • August 12, 2019, at 6:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Brandon Gabbard

Clerk of the Vestry


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