Vestry Minutes

Vestry Minutes from August 12, 2019

Trinity Episcopal Church

Vestry Minutes

August 12, 2019


Vestry Members Present:

  • Christi Bailey, Lisa Edwards, Katie Davidson, Brandon Gabbard, Nancy Grayson, Chris Kelley, Josh Mitchell, Gina Russ, Paula Wolfe

Vestry Members Absent:

  • Dennis Blom, Matt Swendiman, John Cox

Clergy Present:

  • Rev. Peter D’Angio, Rev. Justin Gabbard

Clergy Absent:

  • None


  • None

Opening Prayer:

  • Rev. Peter D’Angio

Call to Order:

  • Rev. Peter D’Angio

Sharing by Vestry Members:

Culture of Courtesy Covenant:

  • Culture of Courtesy Covenant distributed and read as a group

Adoption of Consent Agenda:

  • Rector’s report (Rev. Peter D’Angio)
  • Associate Rector’s report (Rev. Justin Gabbard)
  • Nurture and Parish Growth (Lisa Edwards/Paula Wolf)
  • Outreach (Gina Russ)
  • Family Ministry – (Shannon Gemeinhardt/Nancy Grayson)
  • Moved: Josh Mitchell
  • Motion carried

Adoption of June 2019 Minutes:

  • Moved: Rev. Peter D’Angio
  • Discussion:
  • Motion carried with amendment

Hearing from Parish:

  • Christi Bailey reported on concern about church shootings that came up at usher training
  • Discussion:

Old Business:

  • Capital Campaign – Rev. Peter D’Angio
    • Vestry met with Andi Tillman via internet to hear readout of survey and interview feedback on August 5, 2019
    • Chris led a group discussion of campaign topics. The following are discussion results and not formal decisions
      • Scope:
        • 500k for seeding preservation and maintenance fund
        • 210k for tower entrance, children’s garden, kitchen, assisted listening
        • Debt reduction mechanism will be provided in some way in both stewardship and capital campaigns
      • Timing:
        • To begin capital campaign in the fall or spring?
    • Discussion:
    • Straw poll:
      • Proceed with capital campaign in the spring with scope as discussed above and name co-chairs to begin working immediately
      • Unanimous in favor
    • Discussion:
    • Call the question – Brandon Gabbard
    • Motion: Trinity proceed with a capital campaign with scope of 500K for seeding preservation and maintenance fund, 210K for tower entrance, children’s garden, kitchen, assisted listening, and a debt reduction mechanism to be provided in some way in both stewardship and the capital campaigns. Name co-chairs to begin working immediately. Invitation phase to be completed no later than June 7, 2020.
    • Moved: Brandon Gabbard
    • Second: Katie Davidson
    • Motion carried unanimously
  • Co-chairs – Rev. Peter D’Angio
    • Chris Kelley approved by acclamation 
    • Discussion:
    • Chris to contact two possible candidates selected by vestry
    • Chris reported back that Shari Burrows accepted the position as co-chair
  • Vestry Election – Chris Kelley
    • Process moving along
    • Communication articles planned
    • Page on website is active -
    • Vestry encouraged to submit names of potential nominees
  • Sabbatical – Rev. Peter D’Angio
    • No response yet from Lily Foundation


New Business:

  • Vestry Member Update – Chris Kelley
    • Rev. Peter D’Angio received a letter of resignation from John Cox
    • Fifth opening added to vestry elections
    • Clerk will send letter of appreciation to John
  • Diocesan Assessment Appeal – Josh Mitchell
    • Diocese allows for appeals for relief
    • Josh will write an appeal
    • Motion: Authorize Josh Mitchell to create and submit an appeal
    • Moved: Brandon
    • Discussion:
    • Motion carried
  • Regional Bishop Hearing – Gina Russ
    • Gina attended the regional hearing to discuss future of Provisional Bishop Rt. Rev. Mark Van Koevering. 
    • Very positive response to his continuing as bishop


Commission Reports:

  • Rector’s report (Rev. Peter D’Angio) – consent agenda
  • Associate Rector’s report (Rev. Justin Gabbard) – consent agenda
  • Deacon’s report (Deacon Joe O’Brochta) – no report
  • Outreach (Gina Russ) – consent agenda
  • Family Ministry – (Shannon Gemeinhardt/Nancy Grayson) – consent agenda
  • Nurture and Parish Growth (Lisa Edwards/Paula Wolfe) – consent agenda
  • Financial Resources (Matt Swendiman/Josh Mitchell) – no report
  • Physical Resources (Brandon Gabbard) – no report
  • Communications (Dennis Blom) - no report
  • Senior Warden (Chris Kelley) - no report
  • Junior Warden (Katie Davidson) - no report
  • ECW (Katie Davidson) - no report
  • Evangelism – no report
  • Capital Campaign (Chris Kelley) – no report



  • Moved: Rev. Peter D’Angio
  • Motion carried

Next Meeting:

  • September 9, 2019, at 6:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Brandon Gabbard

Clerk of the Vestry


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