March 27, 2018

Trinity Outreach Commission Minutes,

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


The third Trinity Outreach Commission Meeting of 2018 took place on Tuesday, March 27, 2018 in the classroom at the top of the stairs. Those in attendance were: Greg Gemeinhardt, Darry Rhine, Marsha DeWitt, Steve DeWitt, Christi Bailey, Joe O’Brochta, Betty Mitchell, Robert Edwards, and Robb Dorward.

Greg opened the meeting in prayer.

New Business:

10/10 Program – John Cole, Ten/Ten Program Director, presented information to the Commision. Ten/Ten is a court sanctioned drug and alcohol education, intervention and prevention program. It networks with other Northern Kentucky Agencies and is at no cost to the participants. Each class runs 10 hours /week for 10 weeks, hence the name “10/10”. Graduates are welcome to attend classes as after-care to maintain sobriety. John said that transportation is a huge issue. Much of the money raised by the organization goes to purchasing free bus passes for participants.

Little Library – Greg said the Commission needed to address the question of whether we would take on being the stewards of a Little Library proposed by Chris Kelley at last month’s meeting. All members thought it was a good idea. Joe O made a motion that the Outreach Commission would be the custodians for the Little Library. The motion passed unanimously.

Lincoln Grant Scholar House Support – Marsha said Shelli is thrilled to have Betty come teach the sewing classes. She said that Shelli has offered April 22nd as a possible time to give Trinity Parishioners an opportunity to tour LGSH.

Giving Tree- Marsha and Steve purchased a tree to use for the Giving Tree previously discussed. The tree will contain tags with tangable and volunteer opportunities for multiple organizations needs to be filled. Marsha asked for $215.00 to reimburse her for various items purchased for Jessica.

TED 4/15 – On April 15th, the TED will focus on the Food Ministry. Joe and the DeWitt’s agreed to lead the discussion. Marsha has personal stories from children we have helped through the food bags delivered to Holmes High Scholl. The Commission voted to provide $600 for food items to be assembled by Parishioners during the TED for 150 bags. Marsha, Robb and Christi agreed to divide up the shopping duties and get reimbursed.

Garden Mart Marketing – Robb said he has been providing David with organizations to highlight on the Garden Mart Facebook page, etc.

CASA 5K Run/Walk- Christi requested $1500 to be a sponsor for the CASA 5K Run/Walk. The Commission approved the amount requested.

Other Requests- The Commission discussed previous requests which seemed to be reoccuring in nature and wether or not to start designating a percentage of the annual Outreach Budget specifically for various “Sponsorship” requests. Previous requests included : Hydrocepholis Walk $1000, Norhtern Kentucky Pride $500 and Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Take back the Night at $250. Due to time constraints from lengthy discussion, it was decided that the Commission would address the designation idea at the next meeting. $250 was also approved for Take Back the Night due to the deadline date.

Grace Mobile Food Bank- Greg reminded the Commission that $930 was approved via email between meetings to cover costs for Spring. The check was sent to Grace.

Lydia Witt – Greg said he was still working with Lydia to set-up a date to hold another Skype call to tie in the program representative in Italy. The call could  possibly take place on a Sunday or during an upcoming Outreach Meeting.

Strengthening Families – Marsha told the Commission the next meeting was to be held Tuesday, April 2nd.  Kelly Rigger from the Children’s Home of Northern Kentucky was invited to attend the meeting.

Chimes Articles- Greg said he was putting together Chimes articles to cover the topics of the Giving Tree and the Food Ministry TED.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 24th at 7:00PM in the classroom at the top of the stairs.

Respectfully Submitted,

Robb Dorward


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