April 24, 2017

Trinity Outreach Commission Minutes,

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


The fourth Trinity Outreach Commission Meeting of 2018 took place on Tuesday, April 24, 2018 in the classroom at the top of the stairs. Those in attendance were: Greg Gemeinhardt, Ted Bell, Joe O’Brochta, Robert Edwards, Sheri Burrows, Steve DeWitt, Marsha DeWitt and Robb Dorward.

Greg opened the meeting in prayer.

New Business:

Lincoln Grant Scholar House- Greg told the Commission that Betty said she has 3 used and 3 new sewing machines on order and has $300 left to purchase material, etc.

The Sunday LGSC tour- 13 Trinity Parishioners attended, including all of the clergy.

TED- Food Ministry – Marsha provided a summary of the TED which included probing questions each table discussed and 6 parishioners read stories representative of the children who have received food bags at Holmes High School. This discussion was followed by a production line to assemble approximately 150 food bags.

Garden Mart Marketing – Greg to send out email.

Trinity Giving Tree – Marsha and Steve brought the tree and stand which Ben Huber made for the Trinity Giving Tree. They would like assistance to look for a wood worker to make a sign for the top with the name and possibly Trinity logo. Robb said he will ask Amy Milburn and Jim Swearingen if they might be interested in creating the sign.

NKY Volunteer Leaders Retreat – is scheduled for Tuesday, May 8th at the Life Learning Center for a morning session from 8:00a -12:00n. They are bringing in a speaker, Paul Wesselman, to provide tools and advice on how to be a more effective leader, breakfast is included.

Budget Allocations – Greg re-introduced from last month’s meeting, the idea of a budget broken out by distribution type. Robb provided a budget sample for discussion which divided all of the allocations distributed over the past 4 years into categories related to their relevance rather than dividing by local, diocesan, and international. The Commission discussed if this format made sense, if categories are appropriate, and if the suggested percentages per category seemed appropriate as a guideline. The Commission collectively decided they would adopt the new format.  Robb will add an announcement in This Week at Trinity and submit one for the Chimes regarding the form available for the advocacy of monetary requests.

Existing Business Updates:

Strengthening Families- The group met in early April and decided they want to keep the locations a secret for families worrying about deportation.

Emergency Shelter – Peter told Joe that because of the extended cold weather, they had to extend the operating dates and now need assistance in cleaning the shelter. Joe will ask Kim Webb if a group is needed, or if the work can be handled by individuals.

Food Bag Ministry – Marsha told the Commission of the150 bags made during the TED, 20 were put in the office and she made two separate deliveries of 25 and 41 to Holmes.

Grace Food Bank – Greg said that Bill Wharton believes the next mobile food bank to be Saturday, May 19th. Greg will try to get confirmation from Bill and let the Commission know so anyone interested can volunteer.

Skype Meeting – Greg and Lydia are working through dates,

Northern Kentucky Pride – Robb asked the Commission to provide $500 for Trinity to have a booth and be a sponsor of the event. A motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously. The Commission did ask Robb to see if he could get the Pride Committee to complete the Allocation Request form for the files.

Next meeting Tuesday, May 22 in the classroom at the top of the stairs.

Respectfully Submitted,

Robb Dorward


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