September 25, 2018

Trinity Outreach Commission Minutes,

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


The eighth Trinity Outreach Commission Meeting of 2018 took place on Tuesday, September 25, 2018 in the classroom at the top of the stairs. Those in attendance were: Greg Gemeinhardt, Darry Rhine, Robert Edwards, Ted Bell, Joe Obrochta, Betty Mitchell, Christi Bailey, Steve DeWitt, Marsha DeWitt, Shari Burroughs and Robb Dorward.

Greg opened the meeting in prayer.

New Business:

Sewing with A Mission- Greg and Betty discussed how well received the TED let by Pam Damour, Betty’s business partner, was by the attendees. Pam gave Christi pictures of this year’s mission trip to post on the bulletin board, Betty said more donations of sewing machines are coming in for her to take this year to Peru and hopes to have as many as 6 teams. A motion to give $1000 for additional supplies, passed unanimously.

Hydrocephalus Walk- Greg reminded the Commission we had supported the Hydrocephalus Walk last year. Ted Bell said that it we should get a Distribution Request filled out for any group requesting a donation and the Commission agreed. Robb said he will get the completed Distribution Request from Molly Kirstein on expenditures. A motion to donate $1000 was made and passed unanimously.

Lincoln Grant Scholar House- Marsha updated the Commission that Shelly Baker has started Workshop Wednesday, The Wednesday Workshops are designed to be a time to engage the entire community of Lincoln Grant. Not only will the Adult residents here be receiving vital life skills through programming they will also develop tangible skills such as learning to sew. Specifically, the programs that will be offered on Wednesday nights are:

Sewing Classes

Goal setting/Vision Board Workshops


Infant, Child and Adolescent Development

Self-Worth (Self-Esteem and Self-Concept)

Empathy/Emotional Development

Health and Nutrition

The Power of Saying No

Crafting w/ and w/o Children

Cooking Classes


The workshops will start with Betty Mitchell, which are titled “Sewing with a Mission”. LGSH is looking for organizations or people to provide meals for the 25 people who attend the workshops and attendees who won’t have time to eat before they start. Greg proposed serving the meal on Betty’s workshop nights, Betty’s workshop dates are October 10th (Steve & Marsha will provide the meal), October 24th, December 5th (Shari & Robb will provide the meal) and December 12th. Dinner is served 6-6:30. A motion was made to put a placeholder on the budget for $400, $100 per workshop. Greg will provide communication to Justin for volunteers to serve the other 2 workshops, etc.

Master Provisions – Joe O met with Roger Babik to find out what the organization is about and how Trinity could possibly get involved. Master Provisions is located in Florence off Industrial Road. The organization collects donations of food, frozen and non-perishable items and organize for distribution to food pantries. Master Provisions also takes in clothes to launder. Volunteer opportunities exist every day during the day; Weekdays 9-2. They set-up a mobile food pantry at St. Elizabeth in Covington. They are solely funded by donations.

Donations in memory of Pete’s father- Greg asked the Commission to consider a donation in memory of Peter’s father since it related to our mission of education. A motion to make a donation on behalf of Trinity in the amount of $500 was unanimously passed.

Little Free Library – Greg said that Chris reported that the Little Library is all good to go, and only waiting on a post. Brandon is meeting this week to choose final location and install.

Giving Tree – Joe is maintaining the tags for the trees and are available to replace as needed.

Trinity Enlightened Discussions – November 11 is scheduled for Outreach to provide the format. Marsha suggested that we have a representative from Strengthening Families lead the TED. The Commission agreed with having the organization be the first choice to lead the TED. Marsha will contact them to see if they are available.

Holmes High School- Marsha has been asked to join an Advisory Board for the Youth Services Center, which includes faculty and parent representatives, staff members and community representatives (which is Marsha’s role). The group is scheduled to meet monthly. Marsha will be delivering 45 food bags to Holmes.

Trinity Door Ministry – Marsha has brought 12 food bags to Trinity since the beginning of September.

Emergency Shelter – The Commission discussed that next year we would like to perform a group project. It was brought up that the carpet still needs to be torn up and replaced. It was decided that we would not serve dinner at the Emergency Shelter this month since we were committing to serving at the Workshop Wednesday at Lincoln Grant Scholar House.

Peru – Steve posted the last report from the school on the bulletin board. He also proposed that the Commission consider for next year to either fund a teacher salary or perhaps fund a project $1500-$2000.

Next Meeting – Tuesday, October 23 at 7:00PM


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