October 23, 2018

Trinity Outreach Commission Minutes,

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


The ninth Trinity Outreach Commission Meeting of 2018 took place on Tuesday, October 23, 2018 in the classroom at the top of the stairs. Those in attendance were: Greg Gemeinhardt, Betty Mitchell, Janet Robinson, Darry Rhine, Joe Obrochta and Robert Edwards,

Greg opened with prayer.

New Business:

Lincoln Grant Scholar House – Anne Otis will be preparing the dinner tomorrow for the Wednesday Workshop. Marsha previously supplied a report via email on food she supplied for the first Wednesday Workshop. Betty reported that the 7 participants will begin sewing tomorrow and are making fleece hats to donate to the Emergency Cold Shelter. Susan will be assisting Betty in teaching the group sewing. Joe will help Robb and Shari when they prepare the meal for the Workshop on 12/5. Once dates for January are determined we can send out a request for volunteers to help serve the meal.

TED – Sunday, November 11. Marsha has lined up Sarah Zawaly from Children Inc. to speak at the TED connected with Strengthening Families.

Chimes – The November issue will include an article on the Wednesday Workshops at Lincoln Grant. The December Chimes article will be about the TED.

NKU Think Tank – October 29, 6:30PM. Featuring Justin Pasquariello author. When all Give, All Gain: Improving the Odds to Overcome Vulnerability and Prevent Poverty.

Janet Robinson – Reminded the Commission that her Sorority Chapter picks a need each month. Janet historically picks November. Janet puts $25 to help provide a needy family a holiday meal which is matched and requests Outreach match $50. Motion was made and passed unanimously.

FreeStore Foodbank – A friend of the Gemeinhardt’s approached them about the possibility of offering various inter-generational volunteer opportunities, donations, etc. Robb suggested that before we link with them, we do additional follow-up work with Master Provisions since we started looking at them earlier and they are Northern Kentucky based vs Cincinnati.

Mater Provisions – Joe suggested members possibly tour the location in Florence. Darry & Robert volunteered to do recon by visiting before the entire Commission. Joe will try to arrange a tour possibly on a Tuesday within the first few weeks in December.

St. Mary’s Box Project - Robb told the Commission that to date no one from St. Mary’s has contacted him about assisting monetarily in 2018.  Robb proposed we put the $1000 offered in the past as a placeholder in the budget. The motion passed unanimously. Robb stipulated this year the Commission only offer assistance for the box project, not the coat drive.

Father Aelred is planning a mission trip next Feb 25- March 6 to Puerto Rico.

Gloves – Robert asked if he should buy gloves to distribute at the Saturday Community Dinner and provide to the Emergency Cold Shelter. A motion was made to provide him $200 to purchase the items and passed unanimously.

Peru – Steve sent a message with Greg asking the Commission to keep Peru on the radar for next year to possibly fund a large project. He also said that our contact said that they were planning a Christmas party and the Commission agreed we should help support them financially for the party. A motion to send them $250 for the Christmas party unanimously passed.

Saturday Community Dinner – Greg reported that Keith Johnson had the Beechwood Varsity Basketball team volunteer to help with the last Community dinner. Next dinner 11/17.

Next Meeting – Tuesday, November 27 at 7:00PM in the classroom at the top of the stairs.

Respectfully Submitted,

Robb Dorward


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