Suggested reading for May 16 Adult forum

The Adult Forum on May 16th will be led by David Deng Mayom, who is one of the "lost boys of the Sudan" and who has been attending Trinity for the last several months. David will talk about his  walking hundreds of miles with other small boys from his village in southern Sudan to refuge in Ethiopia and eventually moving on to Kenya and to this country. It is an astounding story of faith and resilience.

For those who would like some background information, these are books David recommends:

  1. Suffering and God: A Theological Reflection on the War in Sudan, 2002
        By Isaiah Majok Dau
  2. The Root Causes of Sudan's Civil War, 2002
        By Douglas H. Johnson
  3. The Dinka Christianity: The Origins and Development of Christianity
        By Marc Nikkeln
  4. War and Slavery in Sudan, 2001
         By Jok Madut Jok

Also, a novel Sally Davidson and others of us have found interesting is:
What is the What: The Autobiography of Valentino Achak Deng by Dave Eggers

Audio version of announcements from May 2nd service

The announcements from today's service are below.  Click the Play (triangle) button to listen if you missed something, need to hear it again to write something down - or missed the service entirely.  (If you are seeing this in the email update, you have to click through to the site via the link in the title of the article to see the player).

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