Q&A on Budget

The Q&A from the budget hearing a few weeks ago has been posted.  If there are any additional questions about the budget, please submit them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gospel Songs for Shrove Tuesday

Attached are the two gospel songs we'll all sing together at the Shrove Tuesday Pancake supper.

John Deaver picked out What a Friend We Have in Jesus, which most people already know.  This song comes from the Plymouth Brethren Church and the New England Congregational Church.

Where the Gates Swing Outward Never was written by Presbyterian songwriter Charles H. Gabriel. While he was growing up in Iowa, Charles would be asked by the preacher to write a song for the coming Sunday to match the topic and reinforce the message to the congregation. This song is lively and fun to sing; even though it is not likely to make it into the Episcopal or the Presbyterian hymnals these days.



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