Tentative Case Statement Information

Thank you to all who were able to attend the tentative case statement presentation during the TED on Sunday, June 2. For those who were unable to attend or those who would like to review the materials again, you may view the video recording of the TED (as well as the presentation and planned maintenance documents) on Trinity’s website here: Tentative Case Statement Materials

We hope that as we approach the feasibility study phase of our potential capital campaign, you will take the time to reflect on these materials and the presentation. Our feasibility study will have the following objectives: 

  •  Present the proposed case statement
  •  Inquire about opinions and support
  •  Report the findings
  •  Decide whether a capital campaign is indicated

This phase formally seeks the opinions of every member of our congregation, confidentially, through a combination of personal interviews, direct mail, and/or electronic survey responses to our case statement and a questionnaire. Feedback will provide crucial information about the potential success of a capital campaign.

Please also see the additional FAQs below for further information related to a potential capital campaign, as developed by Chris Kelley (Senior Warden) after the TED on June 2. Your opinion and voice matter, and will help to shape the future of Trinity and our community.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How would the creation of a staffing endowment also allow us to increase outreach funding? Or retire debt more quickly?

A: This may seem like "fuzzy math", but it's actually quite straightforward. The annual operating expense budget of the church in 2019 is approximately $800K, with the income being a little more than $700K (the difference being the source of our debt). The current expenses include all current staff, all outreach, and service on the debt. If we decided to prioritize a staffing endowment for this capital campaign, there would be some incremental income coming into the budget dedicated to staffing, freeing up that portion of the Book of Remembrance or stewardship sourced income to be dedicated to other purposes, such as outreach and/or accelerated debt retirement.

Q: Will the income from the funds and endowments be part of the annual operating budget?

A: All of the currently proposed projects would be part of the annual operating budget of the church in order to ensure transparency on the sources and uses of funds.

Q: What projects will be taken on if we decide to fund the preservation and maintenance endowment?

A: There is an extensive list of projects that are in scope for the use of the income from a preservation and maintenance endowment, which are captured in the document shared during the TED on June 2. As this project is being planned as an endowment, it means it would be set up to exist in perpetuity, with only the income, or a portion thereof, being extracted each year to cover the highest priority preservation and maintenance items. As such, the Physical Resources Commission will determine the largest needs each year from the overall list to use the annual allocation from the endowment, along with any additional funds allocated by the Vestry in the operating budget.


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