Capital Campaign organizes, sets 2020 schedule

The Capital Campaign Committee, headed up by Chris Kelley and Shari Kelly-Burrows, is getting geared up for the campaign next year. So far the following committees have been formed with the assigned chair people:

  • Projects chaired by Brandon Gabbard and Jen Swendiman
  • Planned Giving chaired by Matt Swendiman
  • Finance chaired by Josh Mitchell
  • Communications chaired by Emery Schmidt and Paul Wilson
  • Spiritual Emphasis chaired by Susan Blom and Sylvia Jordan
  • Initial Gifts chaired by John Lucas and Rick Wurth
  • Gratitude and Events chaired by Nancy Grayson and Katie Davidson
  • Congregational Gifts chaired by Robert Edwards and Paula Wolfe
  • Administration chaired by Lauren Adams

The committees are also setting up the calendar for the next few months to formalize plans and actions required by them.

  • December will be recruiting additional committee members and progressing committee work.
  • January will be finalizing the projects to be included with the campaign and recruiting "askers."
  • February is training "askers" and beginning initial gifts meetings.
  • March is the kickoff event for the campaign.
  • April will have"ask" visits for the congregation and campaign pledges begin.
  • May will consist of additional pledging events.
  • June will be a celebration of the successful campaign.

We already have volunteers wishing to work on various committees, which is great. If you have not volunteered yet and if a committee sparks a special interest for you, then contact one of the committee chairs.

Paul Wilson


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