Mission, Vision and Values


Trinity Episcopal Church in downtown Covington, Kentucky serves a diverse community. We are committed to the celebration and worship of Jesus Christ in a parish nurtured by education and fellowship. As Christ's servants, we strive to share God's love in the greater community.


We, the congregation of Trinity Episcopal Church, see our future:

  • As a magnet church in Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati where all people are welcome to worship.
  • As a nurturing Christian community where, by example, we show God’s love to each other, and to our families, friends and neighbors.
  • As a spiritual beacon in our community, showing our presence through our worship, our music and the ringing of our bells.
  • As a source of help and compassion to the poor and the disadvantaged, young and old, in our community.
  • As a Christian education center for all ages to fulfill our baptismal promise.
  • As a sponsor of community forums and gatherings.
  • As a whole church, self-sustaining, financially secure, and blessed with an endowment we can use to carry out our vision

Shared Values

Community: The strong and loving community of our Trinity family is our most cherished core value. A sense of belonging and connection, openness, friendliness, and uncommon welcome. Our love and care for one another, support in times of need, trust, and treating one another with respect. These are the things that make Trinity a very special place.

Worship: Our beautiful worship, firmly grounded in the Episcopal precepts of scripture, tradition, and reason, is at the heart of our values and our identity at Trinity. Our sacred & beautiful Sanctuary; the liturgy; our breathtaking music; and thought-provoking sermons all come together in a perfect balance of tradition and openness. Our worship focuses our hearts and minds on a God who is both in our lives, and in the world through our lives.

Diversity and Social Justice: At Trinity, we not only welcome diversity of every kind – we celebrate it as one of our most deeply held core values. We are proud and prayerful in standing for equity and social justice. We openly defend those who are marginalized in our community and in the world, including LGBTQ people. We use our privilege as a strength from which to serve. We also welcome one another’s differences, treat each other with dignity, and strive to be inclusive and balanced in all our activities.

Intergenerational Relationships: Trinity is a truly intergenerational community, where children benefit from interaction and relationship with loving elders, and where people of all ages and family constellations are valued and included. Children are seen and heard and actively included in our worship, learning and spiritual growth. We delight in our youth growing up in the presence of our openness, reason and Christian values. And we believe that the mutually beneficial interaction between all ages across a community fosters the best potential future for all.

Outreach & Ministry: Using our abundant blessings to serve others and minister to all who need us is a deeply held value at Trinity. We seek more programs and more opportunities to serve and to help. We hold a shared desire to serve the needs at our doorstep, in our local communities, and to have a felt impact in Covington. We seek collaboration with other churches so that the resources God has blessed us with go further, and so that we may do the most possible good in our community and the world.

Spiritual Growth: Nurturing the spiritual growth and development of our congregants throughout every stage of life is very important to us. We see openness, intelligence, contemplation and reason as vehicles for an abiding understanding of God’s love and living a Christian life. We value Trinity as an oasis of reason and acceptance in a world filled with polarization in the name of God.


Trinity Episcopal Church of Covington Kentucky
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